Reincarnated to another world just to die?! 1.1

Loop 1 ~Restart~

RPG is a mysterious game. They say it’s got Super AI, Have many unknown Job and Sub Job… Humongous Open World Online Game…

Althought it had a graphic of late online game like ragnarok, it had free play that stole international gamer’s heart…

Game size of 40GB, Witout any monthly event,nor Weekly event, even maintenance… Online Game’s that have 4 million player and just 1 server?!. If i’m not wrong… it had 9 zero’s…

The most unbelievable features is, ‘announncement of the dead’ features that announce’s about the player’s dead within 2 days after the dead. There’ll be announcement universally to every player about the real name,cause of death,and it’s game name…

For start, everone thought it’s just a silly joke of the creator… but, because announced user never once go online again… and curious person seek about the truth in the internet, it is proved. That the feature’s… do not lying…

For a week or more there are many discussion about the features. And, because that features… Not just users, goverment, scientist, and entrepreneur in every kind of business have interested in that games…

Hacking, Cracking, Sniffing, Locating… everything they do, make a big Zero in their outcome. Then, one of the player in RPG announced to every player in that game. ‘For the one who completed the game… you will get anything you want…’ from taht announcement, thousand of people try to make the game end…

10 years go on, no one could ended that game… Finally, they just enjoying the game…

Then a rumour about a party that have a unique job circulate, the party name ‘Light’ dwith a job of ‘Hero’. After 2 month, they get a continent in the RPG, 1 of the 5 great continent, unfortunately. The big of a continent in the game, even while using a bot could make the player using 1 year to fully walk through it.

In internet there’s a website that sell item in the game and, ‘account’ is a normal thing to sell. But, in RPG.Account cannot be sold, when RPG is booming. Many that try to sell their Account, and what they get is ‘BANNED’ or the account became blacklist, and cannot be used anymore…

Unfortunately, i’m not goin gto tell you the stoury about RPG… but, what i will tell you now is, me and back to my preious world…

That’s right, my name is Julian Zordik Fylord. For 10 years i lived as a reincarnated person, in a world named ATLAS. In that world, i am the 3rd son of the Zordik king. And… when i’m in my 10… day where i’ve been told abbout special thing that everyone will get on their 10th birthday <<STATUS>>.

<<STATUS>> is a special thing that everone have in ATLAS, with a <<Status>> everything new will be seen.

My work until now to hide my power is a waste, but, it’s not something that will get a mind in my brain. Because the amazing thing is…

Julian Zordik Fylord
Level               : 150                                        HP: 500/500
Attack             : 900                                        MP:3000/4500
Deffense         : 900                                        CURSED
Inteligence      : 980                                        No cure , will die anytime
Luck               : 500
Dexterity        : 700
Reincarnated one’s, Chosen ones, The one who talk with the creator, Creator’s plaything, Killer , Saver, Third Prince, SS Wizard, Fiancée,

Class                            : SS+
Attribute                     : Fire [15%], Wind [50%], Water [30%], Earth [10%], Light [75%], Null [?]
Mastery completion    : 20%


It’s a frightening <<Status>> for a 10 years old kid… but, the low hp is too pitifull, and again the <<Cursed>> status is… .

Even though the <<Status>> is using english languange, i am not focusing to it too much. Fortunately, my status is’nt using Zordik language. If it using Zordik’s, maybe i will be in caged. It’s my though… Unfortunately, after i closed my status box, the box became a paper and…

Next week i’m killed by my fiancee Vivian…

Konjiki no wordmaster special chapter Christmas Miracle night latter part

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Kurisumasu tokubetsu bangai-hen seiya no kiseki kōhen

Meris long、25th in the morning。

Hiiro is always wake faster than anyone else, in the weather that colder than yesterday, he used『Thermal sensation』word again, then walking in the forest.


There was a girl that looking to a tree deeply. It was Allen. Brooding is what her face says, because he knew the reason, hiiro just stay silent.


「……Ara? I’m sorry。did you perhaps came to looking for me?」


Her eye a little red, probably she just crying. But, the girl make a smiling face, utter words in zany feel.


「I’m just taking a walk」


Bluntly he said that, she laughed a little, soon look at him with a serious face.

「is it okay if i ask?」


「……Why did you know a lot about《Nijihikari》?」’

「Nothing, It’s only a knowledge i got from book」

「i did too investigate about many thing、but it is the first time i heard about 《 Versatile [ten-sei(転性—i dunno what is that)]》」

「then, it’s just your investigation that were not enough」


In reality, the cheat power he used to investigated were not told。


‘i don’t want to talk about this topic more than this’ kind of look is let out by hiiro、


「……a wa wa、then my luck is good」




「after all、because i met you. That i’m not abandoning my hope」



「finding《Nijihikari》this fast too all thanks to your weird magic.then hearing the information about《Nijihikari》chance of bloom too…… that’s why i really feel gratefull。Thank you」



Allen says kindly, giving her hand, and asking for a handshake. But Hiiro didn’t do anything, he think that he didn’t do anything enought to be thanked.


「your thanks was too early。Your hope still not fulfilled doesn’t it? After all it’s just my whim to give you the information」


「……even so、i feel grateful。Today that girl fate will be decided、that is what i believe」

Hold her fist tightfully,

「what i could do is to believe。What’s why i will believe it。That a Miracle will come」

「…………do as you like」


Just saying that and leaving that palce。Then he hear Allen voice from behind him。


「hey、is it okay… to call you hiiro?」


「…………do as you like」


After everone awake、ASAP they go to《Nijihikari》location。


As i suspect it still yesterday’s《Nijihikari tree (rainbow tree?)》、not a flower nor a bud is seen it means。With this it’s really《Versatile》will happen, flower in nighttime will shine、thinking now will not change anything。More importanly, since it will be dangerous they check the surrounding.



It’s a matter of the thousand hawk that attacking yesterday。It will be troublesome if they will attack it while they having a party。


Climbing the rock mountain will make you see the sky、but there was no beast presence feeled。Even seeing it closely, thousand hawk whereabout is none。


(it might already left from here……?)


While thinking about that、


「Master! Tell me more about the christ and mas guy!」


She want to ask《Christmas tree》’s decoration。Even if she say that, hiiro himself in the orphanage had a little experience with decoration 、but that day he used origami、used that to decorate, it mereley a simple ornament。


He had a little experience but、if it this big of a tree, is the partner the decoration to fill the tree and illuminated it were none。



「for now it is okay to decorate it as you want。One that reflect the light will be better。and《christmas tree》」

`Toriaezu, sukinamono o kazareba īdaro. Hikari o hansha suru yōna mononara nao ī. Ato “kurisumasutsurī”da’


Hearing Hiiro’s word、Nikki and Mikazuki were letting out their bag。


「what is this?」



Nikki brag her (found) smooth stone to Mikazuki。


「Mu~Mikazuki have many thing too mo~n!」’



Then what she brought out is、white brush that have been used。This is from before、the item that Sylva gave。


「awawa! It’s not reflecting light~desuzo! Mikazuki is stupid~desuna!」


Looking at the laughing Nikki、Mikazuki were puku~ swelling her cheeks。


「Iimon!!(it’s okay mon!) from now on i wil find ma~~ny more!」


Say that, then entering the cave。


「a、it’s not fair zo! I won’t lose desuzo!」


Saying that and entering after Mikazuki。


「……N? Where’s Redloli?(akaloli)」



Leaving sight from her just a little、Lylyin that there before were missing。


「e、eto eto、i it、about that……」


Somehow awa awa Shamoe behavior became suspicious。Looks like hiding something。Looking at her direction of view、Lylyn sitting atop of the rockmountain。


「……what did she do?」

「A、that、umm……de、if it possibe it……doing it gently if possible……」


From what she says it is a fact that lylyn want to do something but、there’s no big interest、he changed his  gaze to Sylva that along with shuno。


In Shuno side there was Allen holding her hands。Then shift his glance and enter the cave which nikki and co enter。


It’s more smooth than what predicted。The cave had a crystal kind of thing、that had many kind of shape。


There’s other kind of pretty stone、tree were decorated by many shape and style。And there come the countdown to the night。


Then the food is ready、sky began to covered by the darkness。Star showing itself、good smell drifting、still《Nijihikari’s tree》doesn’t give any respond。


Allen look gradually became sullen、Hiiro was completely silent and not say anything。In that unbearable state、the girl that held shuno hand、no one says anything。


Hiiro too, seeing the girl like that, he look up to the sky。


(a little cloudy isn’t it……)


The moon is not visible because covered by cloud.


「ev ev、everyone! The dinner is ready!」


Sylva letting out gorgeus and delicious meal(likely) out on top of the desk。Hiiro cheek loosen intentionally、Nikki and Mikazuki and Schamue’s gaze became darken unknwingly。(T/N owhhh it’s the gaze of…)


Hearing the reason、it seems that the decorated tree were、not letting a beautifull ray of light like what they hear from Hiiro。


There were no other choice。There were no electricity。Nor, magical beast that letting out a electricity、moonlight were not leaking out, it’s still dark。


Somehow the air is heavy。The food is looking good but、in this kind of mood、the food will be bad because of the Air。


Then, lylyn was getting closer。



「what is this atmosphere?」(T/N of course you know what i mean right?…)

「What redloli、the work from yesterday is done?」

「u~~tsu! wh、why did you know!?」


Her Face became red。


「you huh、do you really believe you could hide that?」


Going somewhere alone、just appear when it’s time for eat、then go leaving again。With that kind of thing to do, everbody could tell something about it。


「fu、fun! It,it’s nothing, it got nothing to do with you!」

「is that so」


淡白にそう返すと、ムッと頬を膨らませて睨みつけてくる。(T/N: anyone know this meaning?)

Inflatable and return parsnips so stuffy and cheek, applying.

When bland to return so, come glared inflatable a stuffy cheek.

When so it returns to pale white, being able to add mutsu and the cheek, it is accustomed to glaring

Tanpaku ni sō kaesu to, mutto hoho o fukurama sete niramitsukete kuru.




Suddenly scream were heared。The scream keeper was Allen。


「Aa……she became hard~tsu!」


Just by looking、Shuno’s face and skin that looked normal before、starting to become like a rock. Allen keep screaming while crying.


「Please tsu!」




Then, she combine her hands and start praying to《Nijiko》。


「Please tsu! I beg you! I beg you… light… give us your light!」


Everyone in that place, drowned by the atmosphere,the pray became more and more intense。




Whether it’s a bad luck, or disaster looking at 《Nijiikari》there’s no respond、just letting out tears only。


「anything! I will do anything… that’s why… please… save my little sister… save Shuno-tsu!」


Hearing the heartbreaking cry、Sylva approaching Hiiro。



「i know what jii-san want to say。you want me to cure her right?」




His silent is the answer。



「……Ha、Then i’ll help just a little。It’s because this atmosphere make me tired」


Saying that、『Sunny』word is writed 。the effect of the word makes the star shining brightly.


Hiiro climb the rock mountain、still until now combine her hand and praying, Allen is looked。


「oi headband、do you really believe of miracle?」


Then the back is pikuri(SFX) moved、



「do you really believe in miracle i say。That feeling、until now do you still belive it?」

「……Ob coutse-tsu!(of course!)」



While holding the tears for the sake of screaming、it’s hard to perceive though、her will was told。


「then just wait a little、i will make that miracle happening」


Hiiro face is、little by little appeared because the light of the moon。Then that light、pouring to the《Nijihikari tree》。




「Moonlight is the condition for 《Versatile》to happen」



Allen eye’s full of expectation。


「Still、whether《Versatile》happen or not is based on luck。There’s no prove that it will happen。For now there just……pray to do」


While everyone watching patiently、thatnks to the decoration that reflecting the light kirakira to《Nijihikari》。




But nothing happen。Little by little Allen dragged to despair。But, seeing upside、facing up a little there’s you found《Nijihikari》。


And then………………………………………………


………………………………from the branch appear the bud。




The bud is growing、there is flower bloom。More and more flower filled the《Nijihikari》。


Yes、the miracle is happening。

After that from the center of the flower、puku~to like a bubble a thing is appearing。

「So it’s like that。That is《Nijihikari’s fruit》、Known as《shabon mochi》huh」


countless《shabon mochi》shining in raibow color。What surprising is、it’s just like a《Christmas tree》substitute、it’s wrapped around a bright light。


「in、incredible desuzo~o!」

「pretty~~! kui~!」


「fue~e~e~e……it’s beautifull desu~u」


Nikki and Mikazuki showing full bloom smile happily。Schamoe looking at it while looking dreamy。


「Nofofofofo! Korewa(this)korewa(this)、wonderfull spectacle desuna! Nofofofofo!」

「Fumu、it’s certainly is impressive」


Lylyin too say her satisfaction。

「Thank you very much! Thank you very much!」

「it’s good to believe」


Allen that receive Hiiro’s word、giving a large nod and、immediately took《shabon mochi》、and try to give it to shuno。だがモチモチとしている<<Shabon mochi>>は、it’s hard to let the sick to eat it。


「I beg you! I want to steam this! Can youu do it!」


Pleading to sylva、that laughing a bit


「of course de gozaimasu」


Letting out the cooking utensil for the shadow、then prepare it to steam it。


Allen said、the steamed mochi starting will melt、and change to liquid form。If you do that it will be easier to give it to the sick person。


Putting the palm sized mochi to a cup, then steam it atop of bamboo steamer。


「faster…faster……i beg you tsu!」


Allen praying、it’s finally steamed up、when opening the lid、The cup had subsided things filamentous. It was transferred to a soup dish, carries to Shuno’s mouth with a spoon……




Certainly shuno’s throat rang。Then、the progressing disease is pitatto(SFX) stopped、the closed eyes were opened faintly。





Allen hug her with all her power。


「Thank godness tsu! Thank goodnessssssss tsu!」


All her might letting out the cry of joy。


「it was a close call」



Sylva pat his chest。But at that time、




A recognized voice of beast is heard。Like a joke、in the sky there was many thousand hawk coming。


「this is… again……」


Sylva too rub his beard while looked troubled。


「fueeeeeetsu! Amazing number tsu!」

「Troublesome smallfry crawling」


Schamoe is swallowed in fear、Lylyin had a look of dismal。


「hoe~、come desuzo……」

「good luck nikki~」

「a、this Mikazuki! Since when!?」


Without anyone realized Mikazuki has cheering Nikki atop of rock mountain。While Allen hug Shuno while protecting her.


Then in front of Hiiro、one of the thousand hawk is eating《shabon mochi》。


(N? they… is it……)


What they targetting might be《shabon mochi》since the first time。This might be one of their food field、based on the weather they might come here because it’s hte weather。


「is《shabon mochi》taste good?」


Hearing the word Allen says。


「u、umm。It should get the first rank in delicacy?」

`E , ē. Ichiō chinmi to shite saishu ranku ga takai hazu yo?’



The word that cannot miss heard。

Kikizute naranai kotoba ga kikoeta.


「delicacy……you say? And it’s good?」

Chinmi……dato? Sore ni umai?’

「e, e e……」


What Allen says, make Hiiro somehow feel terrible。


「hohou, then it will be too god for them 」



After heating that、he says word to Sylva and Nikki。


「Stupid disciple、at all cost protect the《shabon mochi》! Old man, keep the delicacy and don’t let it get snatch!」

「allright desuzo!」

「leave it to me」

「yosh!, let’s go stupid disciple」

「yes tsu!」


When Nikki jump、magic were harboring in her fist、

「ichigeki kei kill! 《bakuken》tsu!」


The thousand hawk that touched Nikki fist were exploded。


「it will coming more zo! Achaaaa tsu!」


One after one the beast were attacked




One of it is approaching lylyin。But lylyin eyes were shining red、、the thiusand hawk that seeing the eyes were collapsed to the ground with it’s eyes white。

「fu~n、small fry」


The magical beast that try to steal Sylva cooking、get multiple meal knife in their head, that sylva took out from his bosom。

「Nofofofo! You should not come here?」


The enemy indeed small fry、but Hiiro take too much time while handling it one on one.


「should i do it all at once」


Letting his index finger harboring mana。


『Frozen』and『Magical beast』word were writen。




After that the uncounted thousand hawk go stiff。Pouring from the sky like a rain。Then meet with the ground and splattering around like an ice cube became a pieces。


While around the《Nijihikari》the『Protection』word was used。For protecting it from the pouring magical beast。


「fu he e, as expected from master desuzo!」


Says Nikki proudly with a smile in her face。


「yoshi、extermination complete。Shall we go to meal time」



「《shabon fried mochi》and《shabon juice》。And then《shabon mochi》that included in《wild vegetable soup》were ready」


Sylva immadiately explain every《shabon mochi》dish for the party。Including the meat from thousand hawk that Nikki brought down。


Shuno that awaken in preparation beside Allen was letting a smile。Everyone gathering and says「itadakimasu」that starting the meal。


「amu…………muo tsu!?」


this《shabon mochi》was、crisp on the outside、but the insides were surprisingly soft enough。And from the insides comes out a soup, that unbelievably delicious。


And《Shabon juice》was、simply letting out a strong acid like a fruit juice。When you take a sip, ut’s like a power gushing out from your body。


《wild vegetable soup》that contain《shabon mochi》。When it move to mouth, it really is a new texture。It has a texture like a mochi but、that just in the outside、while the inner layer were puchitto like texture were tasted。


It was a good large thing feeling。It’s unpredictable that《shabon mochi》this delicious。


「allright then、this is a dish that hiiro-sama ask、please enjoy」


Then what showed is 、yep、the thing that cannot be forgotten in《Christmas》it was《christmas cake》。It was just a simple cake with a white cream but、it was a cake that including many type of fruit and 《shabon mochi》a cake with a colorfull beauty。


「Nofofofo! I name it《shabon cake》degozaimasu!」


Nikki and mikazuki co were really happy that make their cheek stretched。Tasting a nostalgic cake、hiiro too delightfull and saying satisfactory。




Meanwhile a white little thing is dancing in the sky while pouring to the ground。

「N? ……is it snow?」


What coming is really a snow。Without anyone notice、sky was covered by cloud、and a gift from the heaven has come down。


「《white christmas》isn’t it」


≪shabon mochi≫ that emit light itself start to make the big ≪christmas tree≫ shine a reflection of it light、while the snow that receive the light were glittering。


「o、oi hiiro!」


Hiiro that looking to the sky looking to the person who had the voice . Behind him, Lylyin that blushed. The body were squirming that indicated she is embarassed。




She extend her arm in from of him。Because he think, he will be punched, without thinking he evaded. But that’s not a punch, when he see it carefully it was a rosary ring。


「……What’s that?」


「i、i i i i it’s……umm……」

Near it、for some reason schamoe say「good luck desu ojousama (mistress)」 with a low voice。



That rosary ring was、apparently a thing that created with a crystal、was equipped in beatifull sheen。It’s just the right size to put it on the arm。


「ku、kukukuku《christmas present》da~~tsu!」


There the riddle was solved。From yesterday, Lylyin behavior was weird、because she was preparing this。Hiiro take the ring into his hand and stare it。


「i, it was ! is a thing that processed by my mana、it’s a magic tool that can restore your mana!」

「hou (TN:impressed kind of voice)」



That was a convenient item。Magic of mine(jibun) is used a lot of mana、this is a perfect item to improve my recovery rate。

「this you giving it?」

「do、do、dont get the wrong impressionz! I, it’s just a protoype, there were not in the slightest me thinking of making that especially for you……」

「ah, i know it」



Somehow glared me wistfully but i dont know what the reason。But because i was given, there must be a gratitude。

「i’ve got a good thing。Sankyuna (thank you)」



For a moment there i think there’s a steam coming out of her face, she quickly avert her face to schamoe。

Then sylva who was there、became red seeing lylyin、

「fuooooooootsu! How lovely gozaimashou! This sylva was……sylva was……being touched degozaimaaaaaaaaaasu!」

「read the mood a little you pervert stupid butler!」

「jinlge tsu!?」

Sylva that jumped , while in air、get an extreme uppercut from lylyin。


「be……bell yu……」

`Be……-beri ~yu……’



Gakutto (SFX) the pervert dive into the ground。Schamoe looking at sylva who bloodsoaked saying「scourge’s christmas!」、while hiiro think lively people as always huh。



After the event、shuno that became better、with allen says、we will return to our village。


「we really in your care」

「th、thank you very much!」


Shuno too give a greet in good spirit。Allen was giving thanks to every one by one、then the last person is hiiro。

「receive it this time」

So to say she give a handshake。Without any choice he grab the hand、and quickly being pulled。An then……




Warm feeling were feeled in his cheeks。(ew… in cheeks? Just in cheeks?! A kiss of course :v)




The one who screamed was Lylyin。Hiiro wearing a blank look as to not know why did he receive something like that。Then the smiling allen say、

「thank you Hiiro! This is a feeling of gratitude yo!」



Saying that、while having a red shy cheeks running from that place。


「see you later! All of you! Thank you very much~!」


「fueeeeee tsu! Allen is a bold woman tsu!」


「Nofo fo fo fo! I’m not crying! I want my cheek to be kissed too i’’s not like i’m envious or something zo~o!」

「m、my master is doing something perverse!?」

「N~what’s wrong with just a kiss?」


Many opinion were sayed about the kiss、the most in rage was、


「kukukukuku、so it is、that little girl……looks like she doesn’t need a life 。next time we meet i’ll make her head mixed wi……hey Hiiro、until when do you want to look stupid like that! Or is it! So it’s true you like a woman that have abnormally grown breast so to say!」


As expected it’s a berserk mode little girl。

While hiiro touching his cheek、wearing a tired look he sigh。

「ha~、it looks like i got hit know, damn headband」


Knowing how troublesome this situation is Hiiro is、brought back to the reality looking up to sky。


「well, yesterday was fun 」










Then the time is back to 《christmas》、similiarly heroes too making a party【Victorius】in the castle。


「however、in this cold season… why should eru and co. patrolling border」


The one who says that was one of the 4 summoned heroes Aoyama Hiroshi。

「well、that is their job so it can’t be helped doesnt’it?」

Suzumiya chika answer while letting in the food into her mouth。She is a hero too。

「still、under such a cold weather、it’s really amazing」

Minamoto Juri nodding in approval、to the exclamation。


「aint it okay、if we are still here next year、we’ll do it again」


Akamori shinobu says cheerfully。


「still in everyone world were、had this kind of thing is a surprised」(i know it’s kinda puzzling~~ sorry… T-T)


The 1st princess lilis sitting beside taishi says with a kind voice。

「a、let’s changing present by now ze!」


Everyone nod in taishi’s word、everyone hold their own present。Then taishi closing his eyes、singing《christmas song》and《jingle bell》。


By the song、left and right everone rolling their present to the person beside them。After a while taishi’s song stopped、the present in front of them is become theirs。


「Ouu~! This is gloves huh!」

Taishi opening the cover to check what insides。Gloves for men had been wrapped clearly in there。

「A、that’s mine desu!」


Apparently it was a gift from lilis。


「but lilis、if anyone beside me receive this it can’t be helped……」

「no、i’ve got a premonition that my present will definitely comes to hiroshi-sama!」




Getting a big smile from lilis、taishi cheek became red。While chika giving a ‘that’s not funny’ kind of face。



「that fool、aa his nose became longer aa i don’t want it」

a mood with lilis is unforgivable、ovious jealousy is visible。The other two that look her giving a wry smile。

「a、s=chika, that present was mine! Somehow i’m sorry、i can only manage that!」

「E? th、this is……taishi’s……present?」

When opened what inside is、a music box。It’s white thing that taishi can make by requesting it in town。

「so、so……so it seem。This is taishi’s……eee」


The person that in a bad mood、made a smile。Then just like before lilis looking at chika, again it’s a annoyed face, lilis inflating her cheek。





「Muu、bu、but the present that hiroshi sama hold is just mine desu!」

「w、what! I too am get a present from taishi!」

「i, it’s just a luck!」

「so do you!」


Sparkle sparkle sparkle, a spark could be seen between the two、taishi starting to have a cold sweat on his back。

「Ne taishi!」


Being approached by the two taishi took a step back。


「Today i want to hear it clear!」

「that’s right, hiroshi-sama!」

「u、umm……for now would you two calm down?」


Juri and Shinobu were looking at those battle。

「whatever they say, it is peace doesn’t it」


「s、so it seems」

「A, a snow ya! It’s pouring in here too!」


「Ha~、Beatifull desune」


二人は触らぬ神に祟り無しな精神で、距離を一定に保っていた。(dunno anyone know what the meaning of this?)(if i rephrase it it maybe)

The two of them getting a cursed from untouchable god, keeping a distance.

futari wa sawaranu kami ni tatari-nashina seishin de, kyori o ittei ni tamotte ita.


「so、someone save meeeeeee!」


In resonate with the eve、was a sound of harem creator。




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Reincarnated to the anotherworld just to die?! Chapter 0

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Loop 0 ~ Julian~


That morning, I’m enjoying my life. With a PC and a high-speed internet with no lag, enjoying online gaming. “RPG” is the name game online MMORPG that is currently popular on the internet, although the quality of the graphic which is only level B (3 stars). The gameplay has the value of SS (7 stars) that exceeds other games. Sorcery, swords, martial arts, got married, had large Empire, become entrepreneurs, etc. [it’s author levelling on game]


This Games that are circulating on the internet, and have no company that made her very successful on the internet. Especially for the player who didn’t like the paid items … after 3 years of its appearance, total game player that as much as 4 trillion, if I’m not mistaken 12 zeros behind a number 4 …


With the high value players who played, of course, you all thinking the games will be games that have many servers. But, the fact that the game has only 1 server. Even on the internet many companies are looking for the game creators, and some even want to steal that games gameplay.


Companies that want to find the creator of it, want to collaborate. But, they gave up because it has no information at all about it, of course many who want to break down the game and made it his own with hacking. But, their efforts failed. Even the Anonymous hackers who want to break down the games give up…


Unfortunately, the story that I want to tell you now is not about that … in the middle of my game, a small explosion sound was heard from the kitchen. At first I just indifferent, because inn my house there are 3 male butler, 1 security, and 3 maid. Very much? Of course it is … this House wrote the magnitude of 4 hectares, if not that much, who will clean the house…


At the time, I’m not give em a mind of my thinking, im just enjoying my gaming … then, I smell a smell strange … strange smell, which sting … the moment I winked, and as soon as I opened my eyes again … I fall from my chair, and see the CPU that is under the table. I tried to stand and see friends in the monitor, my party in the RPG that hunting down monsters together with me asked ‘ Julian! What are you doing! Why were you stopping the attack! We’ll die! Hey JULIAN!! ‘ while reading it, the my consciousness began to disappear, little by little …


In front of me stood a person whose face is not seen, use white clothes. In the middle of my awareness missing he pointed down, and I saw my body is lying. ‘ Forensic ‘ writing is written back her dress …

‘ Ah … I’m dead isn’t it … ‘ the cause of my death was poison, based on what was said by the forensics talk to each other. Then I followed the person dressed in white…

But before leaving the room, my consciousness disappears again, and he waved his hand at me that half-conscious…


‘bright …’ when I opened my eyes, I saw a light, blinding light … the light that made me remember that I’m … dead … my chest feeling it was punctured by needles … and I cried …


The light distancing itself from me, and I see a granny that hold me. That granny giving me to a pretty woman with a blue with goldish hair, and her tired face…


Heh … what? … Yeah so I’m reincarnated? Like the main character in the Japanese comic and light novel? But for 17-year-old me picked up by a women and grandmothers with ease … it’s impossible!! impossible!


The woman’s eyes showed bright reflection of my body which tapers out, a cute baby with white skin and bluish-brown colored hair that is thin. And the pupils of the eyes are colored the same as the woman, the pupils of the eyes blue.


Okay … I think it is true that I am reincarnated into another world with my memory in my previous world … but for what? Not like the main character in the Japanese web or light novel, which have regrets? I’ve been pretty happy with my life … for 17 years, I can enjoy my wealth and parental lo… ah … I just remembered … my parents always worked outside, and at home there is only a maid and a security guard …


My life in the previous world starting to fun after I get to know the ‘ RPG ‘ without ‘ RPG ‘ maybe I will waste my life by hanging out with bad boys in the street…


I enjoy the loneliness with reading light novels and web novel, also reading a comic and playing ‘RPG’. But that does not mean I do not have regrets, I … want to try to live like in ‘RPG.’


Wandering, make friends, meet with rivals, and killing monsters … all right! For now I will try to live better than when I lived in the world before!


Of course, my first mission is!!! Learning of this world and this world language!



3rd month, I understand my situation, where I was the 3rd Prince of the largest  Kingdom’s in the continent … the name of the Kingdom is Zordik. Of course I already know the language used in this world. But, because of my tongue that has not been usual to move according to the language of the world. I can only whine like a baby, and my muscles are still small unable to stand.

However, I do enjoy drinking breast milk from my mother that this gorgeous, hue hue hue …


5th months into my Mouth, which is already better than ever can say words that easily … of course to make parent happy I called my “mom” as the first word.

My name in my first world is Julian Albert, meanwhile my name in this world is Julian Zordik Fylord … Although my name similarity is a strange thing, and I just consider it as a coincidence.


12th months, I’ve been able to walk. With agile, I toured the Castle, although I’m not fluent at talking. Seems like I’m already able to speak at the age of 1 year is a great thing … well, because I do not understand the stages of a baby from birth-talk-crawl-and speaking of my previous world, I cannot understand is this great thing or not …


In my journey, sightseeing the Castle, there is a very interesting things … it is ‘ Magic ‘, in contrast to the previous my world of magic is commonly referred to with the shaman, and has magic such as witchcraft, voodoo etc. In this world, they used magic to create a lot of things. From my observations, they have 3 types of magic; magic to fight, magic to heal, and magic to everyday life.


Because I do not know exactly what and how it’s magic, I often ask the adults. And go to the library to read … but, again … I just understand how to ‘ speak ‘ from the languages of the world, for the writing … I still have to learn more…

********************   ************* **  ***********


27th Month, for the first time I’m using magic. Of course my magic still a low level one, the magic I used are a magic wind that just strong enough to lift a book as thick as 20 centi meters.


There are 5 types of magic staple; Fire, water, Earth, wind, and light. Each person has different types, and a different way of working. But, a person that can use 2 kinds of magic is a normal thing, even using 3 different types of magic is not great, but for those who can use a 4 or even 5 types of magic are those who are amazingly talented…


“Master! Master Julian! Where are you?! ”


I Ended my practice today … the person who called me is Amanda; she is a waitress who was assigned to guard me. Height 164 cm has brown hair that is shiny and straight. Although her chest a bit pathetic, she has a pretty face. Of course I learned magic secretly to give the impression of ‘ kids ‘ to members of the Kingdom.


Being famous is not fun … and be an idol is not that can be proud of, that’s the thing I learned from my life in my world before.


“Yes Amanda! I’m here, “I said while running out of the library with my voice that still childish.


Month 30th, somehow my mother Theresia Lucia Zordik, being in my room along with a 50-year-old housekeeper, Fraulein Egotra. On that day, the mother together with a person who looks like I’ve seen…


“Good morning mother … good morning Egotra … good morning … I’m sorry, could I know who are you? ” I said

“!!!” mother look at me with a flushed face, for the first time I’ve seen an angry mother. Why? What did I say wrong?? … Ah … I just remembered … he was Alexander Zordik, King of the Kingdom of Zordik and my father…


“hmph! Hahahahaha!! “Laughter of the King, while pinching the cheek of my mother …


“Calm Lucia! Of course he didn’t know me, his father, who had never met him! You do not need to be rebuked him “said my dad, with a thrill, while I continued to smile.


“Julian! Nice to meet you, I am your father, Alexander Zordik. Forgive your father is never visiting you during the 2.5 years …”


“No father … I, who should apologize, I should have known my own father myself …”




For 1 day, father told me many things. How he traveled from Kingdom to Kingdom for completing peaceful Pact. Olbus-Zordik battle with the finish, also set up an Kingdom’s financial. Of course it is not an easy thing, except the most recent, 2.5 years to complete is not a long time. Because of the books I’ve read, Zordik and Olbus’s war is not a small thing. Olbus is the Kingdom’s largest number 3 on this continent, while the battle of Zordik and Olbus for the last 2 years gas peaked.


Zordik is the military kingdom; a King is a sure thing in the war in the Kingdom of Zordik. If a Knight and a military General are a spear and a horse, the King is the people who use them. At least in the Zordik, that’s the kind of attacks that their personal religious beliefs. So, the defeat of the Zordik in the battle fields is the same thing that the king had died in the battle.


Alexander Zordik, that night he sleeps along with me. I usually sleep alone in my big room, for the first time sleeping with my father… and … I don’t hate that situation … rather, I’m feeling happy of it… guess I’m still a child huh…

When I’m in the age of 7, I’m getting caught while learning a magic in the library. For 4.5 years, I’m training my knowledge in the library and my body with a daily training of royal guardians. But… Today… In this week… In this second, minute and hours… my hard work for hiding my talent… failed… it’s because, the person who caught me of guard is my fiancée ‘Fryant Vivian Olbus’.

After the war, for them to make a bond that will not break easily. Zordik and Olbus make their youngest Son and Daughter to become betrothed…

In the age of 5 year 7 month, Father told me that I had a 7 years old fiancée. Being different in more than a year of age is not much a problem, but… She had a very weird personality. Even before that, Olbus Lineage of royalty had their weird fetish…

When I’m 6 years old, for the 1st time I met with my fiancée. Her brown silky hairs with a mixed bluish color in them and her light brown pupil plus her beautiful face make me entranced. In that day on the dance party Olbus Royalty had held, I am invited by my father Alexander Zordik with my big brother Lucian Zordik. In that party, my big bro who had a handsome face being surrounded by nobility women of Olbus, of course I’m forced to be with my fiancée Fryant Vivian Olbus. I’m not that interested in her and just showing ‘oh…’ kind of face with no interest.

Of course in the face of our parent, King and Queen of Olbus and Zordik I’m smiling. But, as soon as they disappear I’m also disappear from Vivian, With that, I’m enjoying night breeze on the veranda…

Of course, while training with the magic that dancing through my body… In the library book I learnt about ‘body enhancement’ that will boost my body with a magic. From there on out, I’m learning to control the thickness of the magic that wrap my body with magic enhancement.

Even if in the start Vivian just looking at me without a care and just see me as an accomplice, that using the same mask as me (pretending to care about each other). In that night, her way of thinking about me is changing…

Her way of thinking changing because of…


In that night, in the veranda I see many suspicious people that sneaking around in the yard. I that uninterested just training with my mana controlling technique, of course beside me. Of course beside me there’s other people who knows about those people, that’s why I’m stay silent.

For staying as normal person, I’m trying to not get too noticeable and not too famous. Indeed, it’s not the best, but for me it is the best way of doing things. Beside, I’m not train with my magic to brag…

But, my prediction about those mysterious people will be handled easily… seems to be wrong…

After a few minutes, those suspicious people enter the party room. With a hostage, a little girl that crying in the hand of the criminal. … Fryant Vivian Olbus, is the hostage that crying in the criminal’s hand.

Of course they were not stupid, for them to enter a party where the kings of military kingdom were there without a plan. After they got in, everyone stay silent. Because the 3rd daughter of Olbus family became a hostage.

“You all! Stay silent!”

The criminal Shouts were roaring, from the tone of voice and air vibrating, that voice was not from human race. Indeed, in this world there are 4 kind of race. Race of beastmen (robust), Human race (frolid), Demon race (Djinn), and Fairy race (Crowld), as the main race. There is elf too, but they were a race of half human and fairy. While the demon races are not a monster race, they still had an unknown appearance in the book I read at least…

“You all! Our piece of negotiation trading, for freeing our race that had become a Slave…”

Those criminal took off their hood, out of 5 intruders, 2 of them were a tiger robust, and the 3 left are rabbit robust. With a bunny girl like female robust rabbit ~

Slavery is a normal thing in this world, losing from a war, having a debt, and sold them off or even being sold by their parents. How will they live, and how they will eat, all of them are their master way of choice. A slave could by themselves off, with that, they could be free. But, they were a little count of a slave that could buy themselves, because normally they will die in the 3rd year of their work, if they met with a worse kind of master…

The 5 of them have a goal of freeing their race from slavery in the most robust slave in the continent, if I’m not wrong, from Zordik alone there were 2000 of robust that became a slave, plus the slave from Olbus. My rough estimation, they had 3000 robust race that work as a slave in these 2 biggest kingdoms in the continent…

“Don’t even try to use magic! This place had been applied by Vrodg! When I know there were a person who dare to use a magic, you all wench will be killed with this hostage in my arm!”

Vrodg, Mana absorbing stone that could make a wizard died by mana exhaustion. Not just a wizard, every living being in this world had a mana. If their mana is emptied, there will be a supple reaction that will kill them. But, Vrodg is an expensive rare stone that worth a fortune, to even fill the room with a vrodg… the possibility of them as the one who planned this is small, there must be a 3rd person who moves behind the back… Not to mention, to enter these complex castle that work like a maze… if my prediction is right….

Because I’m out of Vrodg territory, cause I’m out in the veranda of course. I need to make a plan to save them all… from the book that I read, adult has 9 hours until they ran out of mana by Vrodg, for children… they had just 4 hours… of course even robust could get caught by the effect of vrodg, but it’s a certain that the mantle they used is a jamming of Vrodg effect…

What should I do…? What should I do…? What should I do?

“hooo, there’s an interesting course of event in this boorish human kingdom…”

I’m surprised hearing a voice behind me,im looking in the center of the voice. Sitting in the stone fence of the veranda, 18 years old kind of person with Asian looking face a bit handsome…with a smile looking at the room.

“ah… so it’s you? Royalty child that have a memory of your previous life in Earth?”

‘DEG!’ Goose bump rise along in every notch of my body. ‘Earth’ is a word that I never heard in this world… who’s this person? Why did he know that? He even knows about me that have a memory of my late world… this person is… DANGEROUS!


“Ah… Don’t need to panic… I’m just here to watch… and a little advice from you… no more than 15 minute, that Olbus daughter will die… if you don’t reveal your power and saving her, she’ll die…”

Say him while pointing at Vivian. Of course I’m not believing that and still wary, but… looking at Vivian that already had a blue face…

Even if I’m his fiancée, she is not a nice person. And I had a hunch, that she really hate me… but, I had a hunch, that there will be something wrong when she dies… even if I’m not like her, still… I will try to save her…

“Hey… pervert…”

“Hohou… now you’re talking…”

“What should I do to save her?”

“Why should I tell you that?”

“… To save her”

“… Should I asking the same question twice?”

“What do you want?”

“Interesting thing!”

“… Okay! If you told me how to save Vivian. Then I’ll give you a crepe!”

“Hohou! Is Bubble drink included? Milk tea?”

“Ha… ALLRIGHT! I’ll give you all of that”

That person stays silent for a second and smiling…

“okay runt! Configure your magic in the maximal output, and start to run to the tiger!”

Following that person instruction, I’m running while holding my magic. After a while entering the room… all of my energy dried off… my body feel sluggish, and I began sleepy, I’m dizzy, and i want to puke…

I’m running all out while my father and other guest not looking at me, may be they feel what in feeling… Vrodg… such a fearsome stone…

Not like the hostages, the robust looking at me.

“You runt! Where did you come from!!” shout the robust while throwing a punch to me.

Those punch look very slow, for a second, I could see the punch and the best place to stood. Unfortunately, my condition is not helping… getting punched by a robust that had a high physical prowess can’t taken light, those punch make me go back to veranda.

I’m back to the veranda; I’m throwing all my stomach filling in the floor. Fortunately my formal wear is thick enough to hold the power of the punches, and can protect me from the glass fragment of the glass door.

“Kahahah! How are the feelings of Robust punches?”

“Gah hah hah hah… yo…u piece of…! “

“Oi oi oi… blaming me for your own weakness?”

“cih… “

Can’t talk back, I’m thinking again. But, the room starting to get noisy.

“hooo, they are starting to awake…”


“Hmm, they started to realize that those Robust’s were not Slaves… They from the kingdom…”

“… ?! “

Kingdom… if the kingdom snuck them, that means… this is not Olbus conspiracy, but… Robust kingdom attack to Frolid… but…

“Robust kingdom had been vanished from Atlas by catastrophe…”

Says the man…

“Of course not! Were you that stupid? They hiding themselves while they at their weakest… not to mention, their kingdom location in the forest… even if they weak, if the time has come they will attack!”

“But… their kingdom had been destroyed 20 years ago…”

“They’ve been hiding for 27 years… and 130 thousand Robust had become a slave in this continent”

“You… those information! Where do you know all of that?”

“otto… it slipped out of my mouth…”

“Answer the question?!”

Unconsciously I raised my voice; somehow, the Robust did not hear my shout and did not check to the veranda…

“Seriously?  You want to talk about this? Olbus daughter had 5 more minute…”


“Well~, I’m not a bad guy. This is my B plan, listen to this very carefully…”

“…” can’t talk back, I’m just silent and listen his plan.

“Gather your mana in your palm, and compress them into the size of two of your finger, and shoot the mana to the Robust that had the Olbus daughter. After that make a net with your mana to caught and deliver her to here…”

“Ha? So it’s simply like mega man shots?”


Giving an unknown and simple order… damn! Just you see! I’ll put a chili in your crepe!

Following his order, gather and compressing the mana in my palm then… shot it…

‘DZINGGGG!’ like a jet; light magic shot out from the palm of my hand and penetrate that robust head. ‘Headshot!’ pops up in my head. That Robust that see my magic just look at me with a dumb face with them.

The laser that I’m shot out starting to get back, because I’m still not get it how to make a ‘Net’ out of the laser. I’m just dividing the laser into 4, and change the substance into wind. With that, Vivian with the corpse of the robust shot out to me.

“Hohoh~ it works?! Then, see you in our next meeting! Don’t forget your promise!!”

With that last speech, he disappears while I caught Vivian with the Tiger robust corpse.

But, it’s not over… I found the robust’s came into me with rage. Especially the one who punch me…….. .. .

Everything became black… before I know it… it all became pitch black….


(Lucian Zordik Point of View)


Lucian Zordik, Born in fall day 150. I am the 1st son of the king of Zordik Kingdom. After my 6 birthday I’m know about my duty as the successor of Zordik Kingdom’s king, and from there on I’m starting to learn about many thing. In that day I had a 3 year’s old little brother ‘Lionel Zordik Fylord’, different from B-Class wizard (Me). He is a full-fledged talented Wizard with an A class magic… Where did I know that? Of course I know that… from their birth, a person will be checked with their aptitude in magic with magic. That is a well-known fact, which will be studied in the years of 9 of your life from a teacher. But, because I’m a king candidate I’m taught of that in my year 6 of my life.

Lionel Zordik Fylord, Have an A class Magic. From the structure of magic, there are 6 class of magic that is D,C,B,A,S,and SS. ‘A’ is a class that will took 3 full years of rigorous training with a teacher for B class wizard. Then, for a person that has their own A class from their birth, they could get into S class…

In the history of the continent there are 7 people that had an S class Magic, 4 of them have been passed away, there left 3 people. They are a free people, they goes for wherever they wanted to and until now… their place is unknown.

Then, in my years of life 10… My 3rd little brother is born… His name ‘Julian Zordik Fylord’, of course my brother born is a normal thing, but… For the 1st time in history of this continent, the birth of SS class Wizard appeared…

Yes… Julian is the 1st child to have born with SS class magic, for example, if a person born with an S class magic they will get in the Hero or Demon lord position. Then, after a while they will became an SS class Wizard. But… there were never once, a born baby that had an SS class magic…

His birth is a wonderful thing that makes uproar in the castle… in the world…

His grow rate is faster than normal human child, and his curiosity is endless. Even after his birth, Olbus military that have been dominating the battlefield, losing a battle because their morality that dropped… ‘Good luck Carrier’ ‘Genius in making’ many title given to him.

In my 15 years old age, Olbus-Zordik royalty make an engagement. They engage their youngest child; Olbus gave their youngest child that has a title of ‘Disgrace’ Fryant Vivian Olbus to Julius. Of course, Julius had no information about it, ‘Disgrace’ just a rumor about her that well known in Olbus Nobility. But, in reality, she did different for other children. To be exact, she is the child of a maid that had an intercourse with the king.

Maid child married to king’s child, not to mention, she doesn’t have any talent. Of course my father, Alexander Zordik had known about that rumor. Still, he agreed with that engagement…

In the center I’m surrounded by Olbus’s nobility daughters. I see Julian got out of the room. Then not long after that, intruder snuck in and taking everyone as a hostage.

They used the power of Vrodg, so everyone including my father an A class wizard and Olbus king A+ class wizard cannot attack them back. Frightened that their life will be taken, we all bow down to them. And… nobody care abiut the most indanger hostage… Fryant vivian Olbus…

Time’s keep on walking, their negotiation in steady course. Even without their king presence, human kingdom were not stupid enough to let all of those slave to be freed. Robust, were a beastmen race that have big different in their physical prowess than Frolid (human). Without mana control, no frolid can defeat them.

I’m with every powerless person in the room were frightened, I’m just a B-class wizard… with a normal physical power… there’s no way i could win…

While im frightened, I’m not aware of my surrounding. But, I’m awaken by a glass breaking sound. I’m trying to see outside of the broken window, there was him… Julian that writhe in agony…

a 5 years old kid, try to battle against  Robust… no matter how much his mana level there’s no way he could win against those Robust… and, his magic will be nullified by Vrodg… it should be…

After he stood, Julian talking to someone? It’s becasue there’s no one there many , including me think that he is became crazy. But… a ray of light, it’s literally a ray of light shoot out from it’s hand, with that he killed one of the tiger robust that holding his fiancee. He saved his fiancee, Fryant vivian Olbus…

Those stupid and ignorant fool, making it sound of cour he could do that, it’s because he is an SS class magician ‘ooh, it’s as expected of SS class ’ ‘what took you so long SS kid!’ ‘ SS class magician should be easy to do this’ etc… but… those who could think racionally does not think like them… it’s not about clas…

5 years old child, that don’t have his status yet… without knowing how strong he is… and witout knowing…

On that day he became a Hero. And we became known of, Robust kingdom Plan… 4 years, after that incident. Robust kingdom appeared and declaring war to Florid.

Then, when i’m 20 years old. We’ve got 2 bad news… 1st one is, the ressurection of Demon lord, that have conquering another land… and, the 2nd one is… the death of Julian Zordik Fylord…